clothing is the most sensitive thing, the tiniest construction details can completely change a garment

i don’t ever want to lose that attentiveness, like it took me an hour today to get a tuxedo collar to fall perfectly and in the end the solution was so simple it was insane

i used to hate looking at garments in the 2 dimensional drafting stage but now i’m starting to love it


Anne Holtrop and Bas Princen - Batara Four Walls Pavilion for an arboretum project [2012-3]

i feel crazed and potent and determined and i’m the only one awake no fun no fun 


Isamu Noguchi, Peking Drawing (man sitting), 1930,

A Room Defined by its Accessibility, Fig. 122, 2000 — Elmgreen & Dragset

James Turrell, Afrum-Blue, site-specific light projection, 1967

Untitled, 2013 by Lionel Estève absolvd:

Marie Sester
Apartment, 1996 X bedroom, upstate 
Julia Rommel, “Mother Superior”

upstate for the weekend

it smells like leaves, rain, and smoke

i feel well rested and calm