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Lee Soo Hyuk

Marni S/S 2015 Ready-to-Wear

working for the day when i can be paid to make clothes in a giant open space with lots of white cotton curtains and delicately floating fresh air

there will be dried lavender next to small treats

there will be tequila to sip and neatly rolled cigarettes to smoke

the small sounds of needles poking through fabric will interrupt an industrial silence

the light from the sun will soothe me, and when the hour changes, i will sew into the deep of night

some much homework but project ideas but going out but double shifts at work but but


The Seamless RevolutionA-POC Alien, autumn/winter 1999–2000. Alien is possibly the most complex design to visualise. It contains the body in double layers of mesh fabric – dress over trousers, and face initially masked. In the fashion show presentation, two assistants cut away and opened up the fabric into a more wearable form, and the model emerged.

Knitwear in Fashion by Sandy Black chaptersxxx:

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this is paper stories

wish my ceilings were tall enough for the one on the left there


william eggleston… @ pleasurephoto blindhandoffs:

Richard Serra, “Delineator,” 1974-75, hot-rolled steel, two plates, each 10 x 26 ft

“In my end is my beginning” ― Mary Queen Of Scots
(drawing: christopher williams)

Mario Lomas